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Frequently Asked Questions

The white film is a calcium and mineral deposit from our water. The same as in your teakettle or around your faucets if you're in an area with hard water...(AKA: So.California).

You can try a mix of elbow grease and:

Product #1:
Product  #2:
Product  #3:
Product #4: 

With or without any of these products, you can use a single edge razor blade scraper with handle and, after applying a soapy film to lubricate the surface, lightly scrape the worst areas with the blade flat against the surface at about a 45 degree angle to the surface in the direction of the push.

Then use something like a 3M plastic scrub pad (usually green) and an everyday scouring product such as "Bar Keepers Friend" or a "soft scrub" scouring powder. Again, don't scrub with a lot of pressure, just use a lot of back and forth scrubbing with light pressure and keep checking the surface by wiping it clean with a sponge and dry with a towel to see if the film is gone.


After hard water scale is removed, apply a liquid polymer car wax. This will inhibit future accumulation and lessen the effort to remove build-up.