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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our tiles are vitrious, (glass-like).  Water cannot penetrate to cause problems in areas where frost or freezing is a concern.  This makes them well suited for water areas such as pools and fountains.

Usually 10% is recommended.  If your project has tight areas or a detailed layout you may want to order more.  Always good to have a stash saved in case of damage from leaky pipes or unexpected remodel by 6 year old on a skateboard...

We recommend natural gray grout, it's so boring your eye doesn't notice the grout, just the tile.  Although if you wish, you can darken it a bit with a natural gray/charcoal blend, maybe 3 parts to 1 or warm it a bit with a natural gray/brown mix.


We recommend a  3/16th"  grout joint.  "Natural Grey" sanded grout also perferred.