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Do you accept custom orders?

Submitted by mary on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 17:47

Yes, we accept custom orders.  The minimum order for custom decos (decorative) tiles starts at $2,000.  The minimum order for field (single color) tiles is 100 square feet. 

Ordering a below minimum orders of custom field tile and trim:

This calculation takes into consideration that any run of field tile requires about the same amount of prep work in making and processing glazes, the same equipment set-up and cleanup and a higher percentage of over-runs the smaller order.

We take the number of tiles in a below minimum order and subtract it from the 100 sq.ft. minimum then split that number in half to determine the percentage increase square footage price of the below minimum order.

For example: an order of 75 sq.ft. is short 25 sq.ft. of the 100 sq.ft. minimum. We take 25 and divide it by 2 to get a 12.5% upcharge for this below minimum order.

Note: This formula does not apply to very small numbers of custom field, trim, liners etc. These will be calculated on a per order basis.