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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our tiles are vitrious, (glass-like).  Water cannot penetrate to cause problems in areas where frost or freezing is a concern.  This makes them well suited for water areas such as pools and fountains.

Our deco tiles and murals are hand glazed by artisans.  The more complex the pattern, the longer it takes to glaze hence higher costs for labor. 

Usually 10% is recommended.  If your project has tight areas or a detailed layout you may want to order more.  Always good to have a stash saved in case of damage from leaky pipes or unexpected remodel by 6 year old on a skateboard...

We recommend natural gray grout, it's so boring your eye doesn't notice the grout, just the tile.  Although if you wish, you can darken it a bit with a natural gray/charcoal blend, maybe 3 parts to 1 or warm it a bit with a natural gray/brown mix.


We recommend a  3/16th"  grout joint.