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Panels & Rugs

SKU Title Price
Dra-p2440-s DR Aquarius Panel 24x40" $1,400.00
Drfd-p1830-s DR Feliz Demi Panel 18x30" $850.00
Drf-p3042-s DR Feliz Panel 30x42" $2,150.00
Rm-p5454-s Rug Medallion Brown Panel 54x54" $3,700.00
Nas-p60s North Arrow 60" and 40" $4,200.00
Pbk-2448-c Peacock Black Panel 24x48" $2,300.00
Pbl-2448-c Peacock Blue Panel 24x48" $2,300.00
Pcr-2448-c Peacock Blue Arched Panel 24x48" $2,300.00
Pwa-2448-c Peacock White Arched Panel 24x48" $2,300.00
Tlmck-p3654-s Tree of Life MCK Panel 36x54" $3,200.00